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We understand that finding a quality Lao website on the internet can sometimes seem like trying to find a needle in a needlestack.

There are many Lao sites in cyberspace that are designed and launched with high hopes but then nobody can find them. We have listed the most popular Lao sites to help you search for your education, research, meeting new friends or just plain entertainment.

There are many successful websites on the Internet, the following are the different types of sites.

E-commerce Websites
E-commerce websites are usually used for on-line stores, in which visitors may purchase online a company's products or services. These websites usually have shopping carts and credit card purchasing capability.

Intranet/Private Use Websites
An Intranet website can be used in-house by a company and would not normally be accessible by the general public. Intranet websites are not necessarily online, and can reside on a company's in-house network of computers. Private websites may be online, but accessed may be restricted to certain members or groups of people, such as a private online community. These sites can be very simple or extremely complex. They can be password protected and can limit access to many levels.

The Brochure Website
This is the simplest form of website. It is basically an on-line brochure. A brochure website usually consists of 3 or 4 pages with information about a company's products and services. It is used most often by small business owners, who may be new to the idea of Internet marketing. As their online business grows, their website can grow seamlessly, allowing them to grow their site as they grow their business.

Customer Service Website
Many companies are choosing to expand their "brochure-type" websites for websites that give them the opportunity to provide customer service to their existing customers. These websites offer more to the visitor in the way of inter-activity with a company through the use of online forms, message boards, chat rooms, newsletters, calendars, and news.

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Full List Of Lao Sites

Lao Babes
The best place to meet and date beautiful single ladies from Laos.

Khop Jai
Lao entertainment, Lao information, Lao history and much more.

Lao Friends
The right place to find friendship, a penpal, or a relationship.

Lao Pictures
The closest you will get to seeing Laos without being there.

Judy Garland as Dorothy
Your one stop website for information on Judy Garland as Dorothy.

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